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We make your accounting data migration a hassle-free process. With our extensive accounting and product knowledge, we ensure a smooth transition from one accounting software to another. You can feel confident in knowing that we will guide you through the switch, be it Quickbooks, Zoho Books, SAP or Sage, depending on your company’s size.

Whether you need to scale it back or expand, we have the necessary tools and expertise to give you the best accounting data migration experience. We ensure that your lists and accounts have been imported accurately, that your data integrity is intact and that nothing has been left behind.

Our customers will happily agree, our team has extensive experience in accounting data migration. We have completed dozens of data migrations, to and from QuickBooks, as well as many other accounting systems including Zoho, AccPac, NetSuite, Sage, SAP, Simply Accounting, Xero and many others. Working with accountants, bookkeepers, and software systems, we have helped thousands of companies efficiently migrate their data to accounting software that grows with their needs.

Looking to convert accounting data from any to any accounting software – request a consultation and quote on our site today! We are experienced, trained, efficient and affordable.


What happens to the old data when I move to a new accounting system?

We are one of the few firms that will transition your system through an opening balance method, and in fewer instances do a historical upload if necessary. Using your year-end balances, we will transfer all your data and relevant information to the new system, all while being within the regulatory compliance requirements. 

You can rest assured that all your data found in your current accounting system will be transferred to your new system without a hitch. When you choose SFIR Consulting, the technical work is always supervised by accounting professionals.

What is the value of switching from one accounting system to another?

It truly depends on the industry, your company’s size and your objectives for the future. A lot of industries have specific software that is typically recommended, but what makes us different is that our firm really assesses the value of your business. We discuss where you want to be within the next five to ten years and are able to provide you with the best software for the job.

By switching to accounting software that allows your business to grow with your business objectives, you will find that you will have more time to focus on running your business instead of focusing on retrieving financial data.

How long will my data migration take?

On average, a transition will generally take anywhere from 4 to 6 weeks to complete from start to finish, and with customization it will take about 8 weeks. While the data migration will take a little bit of time, it’s crucial to ensure that information is not lost in the conversion.


Ready to move to a new system? We work with the software you want! 

Don’t see your preferred accounting software listed? We have years of experience with most online solutions!

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You can trust our accounting data migration process

Our dedicated Sfir data migration specialists will work with you to develop a phased approach so that no data is lost in the conversion.

We are completely transparent with our process. 

It consists of 5 phases:

Phase 1:

We will take the time to learn your business, and your current accounting system so we can better understand what you need from your next accounting system to progress your business.

Phase 2:

The second phase will require further development of the proper workflows for your business. For example, if you’re going to be switching from SAP to QuickBooks, we’ll assess all the existing reports such as accounts receivable and payable, look at balance sheets by month, and examine any other data that needs to be converted to QuickBooks. This phase is where we go live with the migration to the new system.

Phase 3:

Training your team is one of the most important parts of data migration. We will do all of the training and answer any questions to ensure that your data migration runs smoothly.

Phase 4:

We close and review the data migration. In this phase, we will examine the whole process in detail and see if all information has been successfully transferred – if anything was missed, we can quickly recover any lost files so there is nothing left behind.

Phase 5:

We’ll let you get comfortable with the new software, and if you have any questions, we will resolve them. If you have any new features or resources that you’re not sure how to use, we’ll help you get familiar with them. Our priority is to ensure that you’re getting the best experience out of your new accounting software that helps you run your financial data without a hitch!

Confidently migrate your data to accounting software that evolves with your company

Improper data migration can cause more problems if not done properly. Don’t take the chance of losing crucial financial information, let our team do all the work! We will manage the export, cleaning, and import of your historical data. Post-conversion, we will help you put efficient processes in place that will allow you and your team to make the most out of your system.

Data migration is a highly technical task that needs to be handled by our professionals. With Sfir Consulting, you can feel confident knowing that no data has been left behind, while your data privacy and security are fully protected.

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