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Ugh, accounting! It’s the least favorite part of running your business...right?

But in the back of your mind, you have a nagging thought that it’s unavoidable, and certainly essential.

You notice that when you’re applying for a loan, or the tax authorities come knocking on your door, you have to scramble to get your books in order.

Ignoring Your Finances Only Makes Things Worse

You could face an audit, late fees, frozen bank accounts, recalled loans, or hefty compliance costs. Worst case, you have to shut down your business.

You can easily avoid these headaches through proper bookkeeping and accounting practices.

But where do you start?

If you're not sure how to approach your financials, which software to use (and how to set it up), and what you should be tracking…

Let the experts take care of it for you.

Your Ultimate Destination For Accounting, Financial Advice & Business Systems Consulting

(And when we say “fully,” we mean it!)

With Our Hands-Off Monthly Accounting And Tax Filing Services

All you have to do is take pictures of your receipts (which will automatically populate in your accounting system).

We take care of the rest of your bookkeeping
in the background, including...

  • Reconciliation of your bank statements and GLs
  • Automated reporting, structured in a way that makes sense for you
  • Preparation of your sales tax filing
  • Automated recurring transactions
  • Recording entries
  • Payroll processing and sending remittancesto the government
  • Month-ends and year-ends
  • Sanity checks on your transactions
  • Categorization of expenses and attaching backup
  • Filtering out anything that might trigger tax authority attention and flag it to you

Save Time, Money,
And Your Sanity

When you work with us, you can…

Dedicate your time and focus on what you do best: running and growing your business.

Have peace of mind, knowing what the coming months will look like financially and tax-wise. (No more unpleasant surprises!).

Save sales tax and maximize your income tax credits (ITC).

No longer worry about organizing your invoices, quotes, or

Be in control of your business, and know how it’s performing at all times.

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Our Accounting And Tax
Filing Services Are Ideal
For You When…

Your business is growing, and looking after your books yourself is slowly but surely becoming impossible.

Meanwhile, your current accountant is doing the bare minimum and talks to you only once a year.

Or, maybe your mom is still looking after your books and she can’t keep up anymore with the complexity of your business (sorry, mom!)

Especially, when you’re starting a new company and need to incorporate your business, you want to set up your accounting the right way.

Working With Us Is Easy -
Our “No Headaches, Ever” Process

Discovery Call

We will meet for 15-30 minutes to get to know each other and assess your situation. We will explain our process and answer any questions you may have. If you’re ready to move forward, we will then…

Get the Admin Stuff
out of the Way

We will send you a contract to sign digitally (it only takes a minute), and depending on the scope, we will ask for a deposit. Then, we’re ready to go.

If There’s Bookkeeping
Catchup Needed

We will collect your paperwork, scan it, and digitize it- even if you have mountains of paperwork to process. If your books don’t need catchup: We will ask you for your historical tax filing and documentation, which we will also process and digitize.

Set Up Your Cloud-based
Accounting System

Together, we will select the right software for your business (e.g., Quickbooks, Zoho Books, Sage, SAP, Oracle) and get the backbone of your financial system set up: your custom chartered accounts and GLs. There’s more involved in this step, but we’ll spare you the boring details.

Onboard You and Your
Team in the System

We will meet on Zoom to set up all users and their permissions (so your employees only see what they need to see), show you the system, connect your banking system, and explain the document processing moving forward. You’ll get a nifty little app to take pictures of your receipts, so they’re processed automatically.

Regular Check-ins and
Automated Reporting

You will hear from us about once a month, as we want to make sure things are going well with you. We can also set up automated reports for you that help you keep track of your most important KPIs.

Case Study

Here’s how we caught up with 4 years of overdue tax filings to save our client’s business in an audit

The Business

A home renovation business in Toronto approached us with four years of overdue tax filings when they got flagged for an audit.

The Problem

They were in a dire situation. Their banks kept pushing for updated financials, their payroll tax filings couldn’t be finalized, and they had AP outstanding without any indication as to how much or to who.

It was impossible to say how the business was performing financially. The company was on the brink of having its accounts closed by the CRA, and was getting into trouble with its vendors and the government.

Our Solution

When we started, they had no accounting software. The bookkeeping process was still paper-based.

We laid out a concrete plan on how to turn the situation around. It involved setting up an online accounting system from the ground up and digitizing all old paperwork.

The Results

Now, the owners can rely on accurate financial statements derived from their live, cloud-based accounting system. They have saved thousands of dollars in fees (interest, penalties, audit) and taxes.

We have also spared them potential future headaches, and enabled significant time savings as everything is online and recorded correctly.

We Get It…Fixing Your Bookkeeping Never Feels Urgent (until the authorities come knocking)

But think about it for a minute…

How could having instant access to your financials in real-time improve your day-to-day business decisions?

What would it be like to have reliable KPIs to manage your business and predict future growth?

How secure and confident would you feel if you knew your company was profitable (or heading towards profitability)?

The earlier you start, the quicker you’ll get there.

Don’t wait until you’ve closed another year.
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You’ve Got Questions, We’ve Got Answers

Q How much do you charge for monthly bookkeeping and tax filing?

A Our pricing is on a case-by-case basis. We can tell you more in our discovery call.

Q Who pays for the accounting system?

A This depends. Zoho Books isn’t included in our fee, while other accounting software is. Our document processing software is always included in our fee.

Q How fast can you get my business set up?

A That depends on how much catchup is needed and how fast we can get the required information from you. Typically, we spend one month on a full system catchup and setup.

Q Why are my books always wrong? Nothing ever matches

A We often get this question from clients who aren’t happy with their current bookkeeper. It’s possible that your accountant made a mistake, or you aren’t looking at the right data. The proof is in the numbers, and we’ll sort them out for you.

Q Am I going to be ok?

A Many clients come to us when an audit has hit them. We can promise you this: We have your back, you’re in good hands. There’s a reason why you come to us... We can bring any situation under control.

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