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From A to B
For those still not in the know, Accpac is now Sage300. In today’s blog post, we aim to go over whether or not it’s possible – and practical – to convert from Sage300 over to Quickbooks. 

How do I convert to QuickBooks? And more specifically, how can Saga300 be converted to QuickBooks? Converting and migrating your accounting system can be more than a little daunting. Depending on the age of your business and the extensiveness of its records, there may be several gigabytes of data you have to put through the conversion process. With Sage300, this conversion is not a 1:1 match to QuickBooks.

When you choose to work with Sfir Consulting, you’re getting the benefit of having a dedicated conversion specialist on your side who will assess your situation, needs, and goals, and who will determine which QuickBooks product you will need; they will work with you to develop a multi-stage plan to convert and migrate your business’s records and documents. We also have full time programmers on our staff who will manage the export, sorting, and reintegration of your historical data. 

Post-conversion, we’ll train your team on your newly-equipped system, and we’ll help you establish streamlined processes that allow you to make the most of your new setup.

Our dedicated conversion experts will spend familiarizing themselves with your business as well as the systems you currently have in place. We strive to learn exactly what your team needs out of an accounting service, and which QuickBooks products you will need in order to efficiently move forward with your conversion. This process requires establishing a proper workflow across the branches of your company, and it serves to make QuickBooks work for your business. 

There Are Many Similarities Between Sage and Quickbooks, So It’s Easy To Convert!

Quickbooks and Sage provide entry-level solutions for small to medium-sized businesses, and they are affordable and user-friendly. As with most of the Quickbooks installments, many Sage ERP products are not inherently cloud-based, though this does not stop them from being efficiently run from the cloud through third-party hosting. 

Both of these systems have numerous third-party integrated solutions such as Expense Management and AP Automation and Payments. Our team has extensive experience in accounting data migration, and our customer satisfaction rate only supports this. We have completed dozens of Quickbooks data migrations to and from QuickBooks itself, as well as numerous other accounting systems such as Zoho, AccPac, NetSuite, SAP, Simply Accounting, Xero, and others. Through working with software systems, accountants, and bookkeepers, we have helped many thousands of companies efficiently migrate their data to accounting software that grows with them.

Is There Value In Switching From One Accounting System To Another?

This always ends up being an industry-dependent question; it comes down to your company’s size and your company’s long-term objectives. Many industries have specific software that typically gets recommended, but what makes our group different is that our firm strives to truly assess the value of your business. 

We discuss where you want to be within the next five to ten years, and are then able to confidently provide you with the best software to meet those goals. By switching to accounting software that allows your business to grow with your business’s objectives, you will find that you have more time to focus on actually running your business instead of fretting over retrieving financial data.

All in all, both Sage and Quickbooks are fantastic options; it all simply comes down to what kind of business you operate. If you want to switch from Sage300 to Quickbooks the right way, our team at Sfir Consulting can help you achieve that at a super affordable rate!