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Have you ever transitioned to an accounting system tailored to your specific needs? Migrating your accounting system will result in significant reduction of accounting inefficiencies as well as an ability to sustain exponential growth thanks to a professionally architected system. What took 10 minutes with Quickbooks can now be done in 30 seconds with our custom Zoho Books setup. Save your energy and mental capacity for tasks that you can personally influence within the organization. Standardize processes and support your team as you switch to the new platform seamlessly – shifting all the weight of the work to our Migration Team, while we guide your company through this journey.

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How a migration project from Quickbooks to Zoho Books looks like (step by step)

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Common questions when
converting from Quickbooks to Zoho Books

How do I transfer data to Zoho Books?

The process can get extremely complicated, especially as we add in the compliance and systematic control aspects of accounting ERPs. Broken down simply, the transfer of data works as follows
- Finalize the pre-requisites for the migration
- Configure settings
- Import the chart of accounts
- Import all other master data such as customers and vendors
- Import items
- Connect the bank accounts
- Enter the opening balances

Which is better Quickbooks or Zoho Books?

No system is perfect, the ideal scenario would be to assess the current requirements based on your company's industry and tailor the ERP solution accordingly. All systems have their pros and cons; although the ones our firm currently supports are typically referred to as the flagship brand names. It all comes down to what your business needs in terms of growth, integrations, ease of use, and of course, pricing.

What is better than Quickbooks?

It is a tad vague to simply call one system better. Here are a few alternatives to Quickbooks that we would recommend (depending on industry, size, and growth)

Looking to move your accounting data from
Quickbooks to Zoho Books?

By switching to accounting software that allows your business to grow with your business objectives, you will find that you will have more time to focus on running your business instead of focusing on retrieving financial data.

Whether you need to scale it back or expand, we have the necessary tools and expertise to give you the best accounting data migration experience. We ensure that your lists and accounts have been imported accurately, that your data integrity is intact and that nothing has been left behind.

We’ll let you get comfortable with the new software, and if you have any questions, we will resolve them. If you have any new features or resources that you’re not sure how to use, we’ll help you get familiar with them. Our priority is to ensure that you’re getting the best experience out of your new accounting software that helps you run your financial data without a hitch!

Working With Us Is Easy -
Our “No Headaches, Ever” Process

Discovery call

Let’s hop on a call to discuss the scope of your project, what system you’re currently using, and where your business is headed. If you’re ready to move forward, we’ll…

Get the admin stuff
out of the way

You’ll receive a Statement of Work, and upon your confirmation, we’ll collec 50% of the project fee.


Your assigned SFIR consultant will ask you for the structural details of your business and your master data (e.g., your customer list, item list). Then, we’ll configure your system, customize any areas and modules as agreed, integrate with any other platforms you’re using, and connect your banks.

Go live and

We’ll meet on Zoom to set up your users and their permissions (so your employees only see what they need to see), and to show you and your team the system. You’re all good to go!

next steps

We can conduct in-depth training for your employees and potentially take over your bookkeeping and accounting needs.