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Switching From Quickbooks To Zoho Books Accounting Software Is Simple With SFIR

As your business grows, you’ll eventually need to upgrade your current software. During tax season, bookkeepers and accountants are crucial to businesses and clients but many still use outdated accounting software which often leads to delays, dissatisfaction, and disorganization. To smoothly transition from one accounting system to another, partner with SFIR Consulting. We are a  knowledgeable data migration firm that specializes in accounting systems and can tailor the data conversion process to your business needs.

Are you looking to migrate from Quickbooks to Zoho Books? We’ve completed numerous migrations from Quickbooks and more as clients rely on our accounting and technical skills for a smooth transfer. Cloud-based accounting has transformed the way businesses handle accounting processes. Our migration company offers professional assistance for anything from timesheets to expenses, accounts payable/receivable to reporting and taxes.

Have you switched to a custom accounting system in the past? Moving to a tailored system improves efficiency and supports growth through professional design. The migration process can be complex, including compliance and control for accounting ERPs. SFIR can assist with it all.

How long does data migration take?
Typically, the migration process takes 4-6 weeks, with customization taking an additional 2-4 weeks. It’s crucial to make sure no information is lost during the conversion which our team ensures. The duration depends on the industry, company size, and future goals. Our firm assesses your business value, considers your future goals and recommends the best software. Improper data migration can cause problems. Let our team handle the export, cleaning, and import of your data to avoid losing crucial financial information. We’ll also help you establish efficient processes to maximize your new system’s benefits.

Why Should I Choose Zoho Books?
The appropriate software depends on industry, company size, and future goals. While certain software is common in some industries, our firm evaluates your business and considers your five to ten-year plans to recommend the best software. With a flexible accounting solution aligned with your business objectives, you can spend more time running your business and less time gathering financial data. SFIR Consulting is a trusted firm that uses the opening balance method to transition your system or, in rare cases, a historical upload. Our experienced accounting professionals ensure that all your year-end data and information is transferred accurately and within regulatory compliance. Rely on us to transfer all your current accounting data seamlessly to the new system. SFIR Consulting simplifies accounting data migration with expertise and knowledge. We ensure a seamless transition from Quickbooks to Zoho Books.

Signs that it’s time for a software upgrade:
1. Limited payment options and currencies
2. Inadequate inventory management for multiple products
3. Need for manual workarounds for missing functionalities
4. Reduced efficiency and increased time spent on operations
5. Restricted growth and inability to keep pace with demands
6. Growing demands with expanding business

The Data Migration Process:
1. Backup Data: A crucial step in data migration is creating backup files. This ensures quick recovery of your latest accounting data in case of any issues during conversion, saving you time and potential headaches.
2. Determine Starting Point: Before beginning migration, we ensure we have obtained software for Trial Balance and Balance Sheet. Using this as a starting point we are able to accurately compare the migrated data with the original.
3. Assess Reporting Requirements: Define clear goals to aid in planning, implementation, and control of the migration process. It’s important to choose the optimal format for accounting data to achieve business objectives and plan future actions.
4. Data Format: Different accounting softwares store data in different formats, causing issues during data conversion.
5. Data Mapping & Import: A crucial step in data migration is creating a data map since this connects the data from the source to destination software. Once mapped, it’s time to import transactions. You can use destination software’s Excel templates for self-conversion, importing items such as contacts, chart of accounts, customer and vendor master, bank transactions, and manual journals.
6. Test Imported Data: After mapping your accounting data, we run a test to ensure the transferred data is accurate. The final step in your data migration process is user onboarding. We ensure proper onboarding as it helps users understand how the data was migrated and familiarize themselves with the new accounting software. You can explore features with real organization data and our work is done.

A big change like this can be daunting for your business and team as finding the ideal timing may also be challenging. To ensure a successful transition, we strive to make it as seamless as possible considering all of your concerns. Our implemented system is designed to be flexible, allowing it to grow alongside your business and avoid the need for future migrations.

Contact us for help with data migration between Quickbooks and Zoho Books, we’ll support your project until the end. We guarantee accurate import of lists and accounts, preservation of data integrity, and thorough migration to minimize data loss. Choose us for an efficient and affordable data migration solution. Request a consultation and quote today on our website!