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Switching your accounting system - This is how you move your accounting data? (Updated 2023)

The cloud-based accounting system is how we’re going to be conducting all business processes in the future, so why not start with an experienced company that can help you make a seamless transition? Have you ever transitioned to an accounting system tailored to your specific needs? Migrating your system will result in significant reduction of accounting inefficiencies as well as an ability to sustain exponential growth thanks to a professionally architected system.

Accounting Data Migration

Standardize processes and support your team as you switch to the new platform seamlessly ? shifting all the weight of the work to our Migration Team, while we guide your company through this journey.

The process can get extremely complicated, especially as we add in the compliance and systematic control aspects of accounting ERPs. Broken down simply, the transfer of data works as follows:

– Finalize the pre-requisites for the migration
– Configure settings
– Import the chart of accounts
– Import all other master data like customers and vendors
– Import items
– Connect the bank accounts
– Enter the opening balances

We have successfully completed many Quickbooks data migrations from a variety of accounting apps like Zoho, NetSuite, Sage, SAP, AccPac, Simply Accounting, Oracle, Xero and more! talk to one of our advisors for information and a quote to transfer your accounting data between systems. Our technical work is supervised by accounting professionals and yes, we also provide accounting efficiencies between accounting platforms.

Cloud-based accounting has revolutionized the way businesses manage every aspect of their accounting processes. Our accounting data migration company can help you organize anything from timesheets to expenses, accounts payable and receivables to reporting and taxes. We’re on a mission to change how business owners think about their accounting strategies. We’ve cut the waste, removed the paper and gotten rid of unnecessary bureaucracy. Benefit from customized cloud-based accounting systems that provide you with real-time numbers all year round!

Aside from cloud-based accounting systems being much cheaper than most accounting software systems on the market, you will also find that fewer vital accounting details will be lost. With Freshbooks boasting 5 million small business users and Quickbooks currently having 1.3 million users online, it’s time to switch to easier accounting. We specialize in helping your company implement a successful Quickbooks cloud migration with all the functionality of a large accounting business.

Working with software systems, accountants and bookkeepers, we have helped thousands of companies switch from desktop bookkeeping files to smart online cloud systems on behalf of accounting firms. Start saving more time by not having the hassle of finding files on your computer when tax season rolls around, and contact our team for amazing results! 


SFIR Consulting is your best option for cloud-based accounting

There are endless options when it comes to choosing a cloud-based accounting system. Let’s make it easy for you and highlight the benefits that we can bring to your business – all within your budget:

  • Online payroll and payroll tax filing
  • Dashboard reporting that provides you with automatic updates on your business health, any red flags you should be aware of and recommended key actions for success
  • One-click financial reporting including accounts aging, tax reporting and balance sheet reporting
  • Access your books from anywhere at any time including from tablets, smartphones and PCs
  • Multiple online customers’ payment options
  • Future-proof your accounting processes
  • Work with the best technology on the market


Stop wasting time downloading software

While you’re busy running your business, make sure that you’re not wasting any of your time downloading any software or updates for your accounting system. Switching to cloud-based accounting means that you don’t have to worry about taking time away from your schedule to wait around for any updates. Because cloud accounting is backed up on remote servers, all updates are automatic so drive your business profits and growth the right way.


Easily integrate with other tools and software

Your business will have its own unique needs and areas of improvement, so addressing them properly will have to come at the hands of the right cloud accounting system that collaboratively works with resources already in place. For example, you may be using a service-based business client who is using an invoice app to manage their sales processes and you don’t want to lose that important partnership with accounting software that doesn’t adapt. 

With cloud-based accounting, you don’t have to worry about losing any clients as different resources and online tools can be successfully integrated without losing any important data. All changes will be saved to the cloud – instantly. 


Cloud-based accounting is here to stay – and help you manage your money better!

If you are looking to improve your financial health and bring greater accounting insights to your business, taking the leap to cloud-based accounting is your first step to success. Our team can help you streamline your day-to-day economic tasks, prepare you for a healthy financial year and set you up for future growth. The time to make the switch is now – come to us with a problem, and we’ll find you a sustainable solution.