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While your business is expanding, sooner or later you’re bound to outgrow your current software setup. 

How will you know when it’s time to switch? 

You will begin to notice that…

  • You cannot offer all of the payment options and currencies you want.
  • Your inventory management system handled one product, but isn’t doing well with 10 other ones.
  • You are constantly improvising and finding manual workarounds for functionalities your software doesn’t offer.
  • You are losing efficiency, and find yourself spending too much time on operational tasks.
  • You feel restricted and cannot grow as fast as you want.

More growth means more demands.

Something needs to change, but…

Transitioning to a New System Can Be Risky

We get it. This is a big change for your business and your team.

And there never seems to be the perfect timing for it.

So when you’re spending time on getting a new system configured and implemented, you want it done right the first time.

You certainly don’t want to have to move systems again in two years.

That’s why we make sure that your transition is as smooth as it can be. And the system we implement is flexible to grow with you.

Our solution

A Fully Functioning ERP System
Customized to Your Business Needs

All you have to do is login and start using your new system.

Everything is ready to go, including all your company data.

When designing your system, we take into consideration your entire business operations, such as…

Expense Reporting





We will uncover possibilities for automation, which will free you up to focus on your core business.

If you ever need support and training for your team, we’re here to help.

One customized package. One price. No hourly charges.

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Working With Us Is Easy -
Our “No Headaches, Ever” Process

Discovery Call

Let’s hop on a call to discuss the scope of your project, what system you’re currently using, and where your business is headed. If you’re ready to move forward, we will…

Get the Admin Stuff
out of the Way

You will receive a Statement of Work, and upon your confirmation, we will collect 50% of the project fee.


Your assigned SFIR consultant will ask you for the structural details of your business and your master data (i.e., your customer list, item list). Then, we will configure your system, customize any areas and modules as agreed, integrate with any other platforms you’re using, and connect your banks.

Go Live and

We will meet on Zoom to set up your users and their permissions (so your employees only see what they need to see), and to show you and your team the system. You’re all good to go!

Next Steps

We can conduct in-depth training for your employees, and potentially take over your bookkeeping and accounting needs.

Case Study

Here’s how we fixed an inventory system to save an online store from manual admin work and costly errors

The Business

The CEO of an online clothing store, with $7 million in annual revenue, approached us as their business lacked accurate financial reporting and traceability.

The Problem

The company had quickly grown to thousands of SKUs, but their current system lacked solid inventory tracking abilities. While operating through multiple warehouses, they tracked inventory via an Excel file manually. There was a high chance for errors, and management wasn’t able to tell which items were selling well and which were not.

Our Solution

The company needed a complete restructuring of its inventory system and processes, plus a connection to new accounting software. Within a few weeks, we built an accounting process solution for their finance team and an operations solution for their logistics team from the ground up.

The Results

“Now, they can rely on a fully functioning ERP system, giving them unprecedented visibility of their inventory and
business performance. Their team has saved about one day per week of admin and tracking work. With analytics integrated, they can now work on improving their
processes further."

Here’s Why One of Your
Employees Or a Freelancer On Upwork Can’t
Handle This

We understand why you might want to save costs.

However, putting your system transition into the hands of someone without the right level of expertise and experience is risky.

And can end up costing you more.

When we fix system transitions gone wrong (and there are plenty), our clients end up paying the same amount or even more again.

It’s worth getting it right the first time.

You’ve Got Questions, We’ve Got Answers

Q How long will this take?

A Depending on the scope, we can finish most projects within 1-2 weeks. With that being said, we need your attention span during that time. If you can provide us with the information we need without delay, we can be quite fast.

Q How much is this going to cost?

A Depending on the scope, most projects range between USD 2,000 and USD 10,000. We can provide you with an estimate after getting to know your business in our discovery call.

Q Will my business be on hold during the system transition?

A Don’t worry, you can continue operating business as usual while we’re setting up the new system in a development environment. Once everything is ready, we will switch to live, and nothing will be lost.

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