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The Value of Migrating to a Better Accounting System! Accounting Data Migration

What is the value of switching from one accounting system to another?

It truly depends on the industry, your company’s size and your objectives for the future. A lot of industries have specific software that typically gets recommended, but what makes us different is that our firm really assesses the value of your business. We discuss where you want to be within the next five to ten years, and are able to provide you with the best software for the job.

By switching to accounting software that allows your business to grow with your business objectives, you will find that you will have more time to focus on running your business instead of focusing on retrieving financial data.

How long will my data migration take?

On average, a transition will typically take anywhere from four to six weeks to complete from start to finish. Add in customization, and you’re looking at about eight weeks. While the data migration will take a little bit of time, it’s crucial to ensure that no information is lost in the conversion.

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