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An accountant should be someone you trust and rely on for financial advice.

Who you talk to regularly about your real-time numbers.
And who helps you make the right business decisions.

But that’s not the reality, unfortunately.

Most accountants will engage with you only about once a year.
They collect your papers, hand you a few documents with numbers, and vanish until next tax season.

No wonder people think accountants are boring, backward, and don’t add much value to the business.

That’s a shame, because…

Accounting Done Right Helps You Make Better Decisions, Be Profitable, And Grow Your Business

We’re on a mission to change how business owners like you think about accounting.

We’ve cut the waste, removed paper, and gotten rid of unnecessary bureaucracy…

So you can benefit from customized cloud-based accounting systems that provide you with real-time numbers all year round.

What makes us different?

Big Firm Expertise. Small Firm Values

Solve problems
& add value

We solve the problems your previous accountant never told you about because they had no idea how to handle them. Whether you’re in a tough financial position or have complex reporting needs, we got you. Everything we do is focused on saving you time and money.

Build long-term

Once we work together, we’re in it for the long haul. Some of our clients changed up to seven accountants before they came to us. Every one of them stayed and continues to do business with us, recognizing that nobody else was able to solve their problems like we did.

Stay always

You won’t have to chase after us-ever. Quite the opposite. You might get tired of hearing from us. We’ll give you a call at least once a month to see if you9re on track to reach your financial goals. And don’t mind us while we’re sending over some holiday gifts and birthday wishes.

Saying “Hi”!From Toronto, Canada

Igor Reshynsky


  • Chartered Professional Accountant with a Bachelor of Commerce and an MBA from the top business school in Canada, Ivey
  • Extensive consulting knowledge and experience
  • Sees beyond the numbers to understand what they really mean for the business
  • Has worked on complex taxation cases nobody else wanted to touch
  • Always looking for ways to optimize processes and business performance
  • Technology enthusiast passionate about digitizing and automating accounting
  • Former captain of the Israeli under 18 team soccer team and the Toronto FC Academy

Simon Fedorovsky


  • Bachelor of Commerce with 10+ years of accounting experience
  • Did every possible accounting job at some point in his career
  • Knows finance and accounting processes inside out and better than anyone else
  • Loves to geek out about inventory management systems, MRP, and production runs
  • Never stressed, even during the toughest audits
  • The right level of OCD you want from an accountant
We want to be…

Your Ultimate Destination
For Accounting, Financial
Advice & Business Consulting

From bookkeeping and tax filing, to enterprise resource planning and virtual CFO services,
we got you covered.

Let us free up your time and resources so you can concentrate on what you do best.

Come to us with a problem, and we’ll find a solution.

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