SFIR Consulting’s Exclusive CRA Compliance Packages: Basic and Premium Offerings.

Dear Valued Client,

We are thrilled to introduce an exclusive offer tailored specifically for our distinguished clientele in Canada. Understanding the complexities and the need for diligent communication with the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA), we have curated two packages that were designed to provide seamless, organized, and worry-free CRA interactions – ensuring compliance and peace of mind for your business.

Basic CRA Package

Empower Your Business with Ease and Expertise

Price: $75 per month

per legal entity (Corporation, Sole Proprietorship, or Individual)

What’s included:

CRA Communication Monitoring: Stay ahead with proactive monitoring of all communications from the CRA, ensuring you never miss important updates or requests.

48-hour Response/Reaction Time: Receive prompt and professional responses to any notices or letters from the CRA within 48 hours, safeguarding your business from potential complications or delays.

Document Filing and Access: Benefit from our organized filing system with all documents stored as PDFs in an easily accessible internal database. This ensures that your financial records are meticulously maintained and readily available when needed.

Hassle-Free Service: With SFIR Consulting acting as your intermediary, we handle all communications with the CRA on your behalf. Our team will provide all necessary documents directly to the CRA, saving you time and eliminating the stress associated with tax agency interactions.

Automatic Secure Ticket System: Our package guarantees coverage for instances when the CRA requires additional information. Requests from the CRA are automatically directed to our secure ticket system. One of our certified accountants will then review the request and respond directly to the CRA, ensuring that your case is handled with the utmost professionalism and expertise.

Premium CRA Package

Comprehensive Coverage and Protection

Price: $150 per month

per legal entity (Corporation, Sole Proprietorship, or Individual)

What’s included:

All features of the Basic Package

Coverage for one submission request, review, or audit per year by the CRA, acting as a form of insurance against the potential high billable/hourly fees associated with audits. This premium feature ensures that your business is not only compliant but also prepared and protected in the event of an in-depth CRA review.

Customized to Your Needs

The Basic CRA Package is designed for businesses seeking essential CRA compliance services with the efficiency and expertise of SFIR Consulting. The Premium CRA Package, on the other hand, is ideal for entities that desire an additional layer of protection and assurance, especially those looking to mitigate the risks and costs associated with CRA inquiries.

Take a look at this sample: When the CRA sends a request to your business, SFIR Consulting automatically receives it in their ticketing system. From there, SFIR Consulting efficiently manages the task and notifies your business upon its successful completion.

Why Choose SFIR Consulting?

Global Expertise, Local Insights:

Our firm uniquely combines international accounting standards with deep knowledge of Canadian tax law, providing you with unparalleled service.

Certified Professional Accountants:

Our team is composed of certified accountants in Canada, ensuring that your financial matters are handled with the highest degree of professionalism.

Commitment to Your Peace of Mind:

With either package, SFIR Consulting takes the stress out of CRA compliance, allowing you to focus on growing your business.

Your Partner in Financial Compliance.

We are committed to supporting your business’s success through diligent compliance, strategic financial management, and proactive communication with the CRA. Whether you choose the Basic or Premium CRA Package, you can rest assured that your financial affairs are in capable hands.

To learn more about our CRA Compliance Packages, please contact us at sales@sfirconsulting.com. We look forward to partnering with you and ensuring your financial compliance and peace of mind.

Warmest regards,
The SFIR Consulting Team